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The Portable Compact Washing Machine is truly an innovative and a smart washing device You can now wash your clothes using a washing machine even if you are away from home Literally a portable washing machine You can bring it if you're on a vacation ,

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Aug 17, 2017· This video is about Drumi Rate Tests This video is about Drumi Rate Tests Skip navigation Sign in Search , Make your own DIY Washing Machine with Buckets! - Duration: 4:57

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Dec 11, 2018· After much anticipation, Drumi arrived in our Canadian office today! Here is a quick first look Learn more about our foot powered washing machine on yirego

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Jan 18, 2017· Foot-pedal washing machine hits bumps on the way to market Open this photo in gallery: Yi Jiang of Yirego is photographed with his company's foot powered washing machine, the Drumi

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Jul 29, 2015· While this means the Drumi will never completely replace a full-sized washing machine, it could still save a lot of time and energy by looking after small wash loads on an everyday basis The Drumi works by filling the internal ball-shaped drum with clothes, water and detergent, then closing the lid and pumping the foot pedal to rotate the drum

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The Yirego Drumi is a compact foot-pedal-powered washing machine Requiring no electricity, it's designed for use by students, cabin-goers, car-campers or anyone else without ready access to .

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The Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine that uses minimal amounts of water and no e | Check out 'Drumi: The Foot Powered Washing Machine' on Indiegogo The Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine that uses minimal amounts of water and no electricity

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Jul 29, 2019· Drumi Non-Electric Washing Machine Yirego’s Drumi is the most popular model of alternative washing machines on the market Different from the above models, it is a foot-powered machine, which needs no power and uses no much water as well

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Overall Drumi is a worthwhile investment, as it can create a win-win situation for both consumers and the environment Unfortunately, there is a limit as to how much pieces of clothing it can wash compared to that of a washing machine

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Oct 21, 2017· The Drumi is a self-contained portable washing machine that uses a foot pump to clean clothes using much less water and power than a standard unit

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For the latter travelers Drumi, a newfangled foot-powered washing machine, might be an alternative According to the maker’s website, it’s expected to be released in early 2017 Instead of the old school washing method of hand scrubbing and twisting clothes to get them clean, Drumi ,

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Drumi Washing Machine Home >Accessories >Camping Products No need for plugs, batteries or wiring , just pedal power , With both power and water often in short supply out in the bush, some innovative washing machine solutions have sprung up to give grey nomads some good clean alternatives to the boring old hand washing option

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The Drumi from Yirego is a compact portable washing machine that can clean around six or seven garments without the need for a power outlet, a generator, or even a sunny day to feed a solar panel

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Because of its small size and light weight, the Drumi can be easily stored and maneuvered On average, a regular sized washing machine will create approximately 10 pounds of carbon per week Since the Drumi reduces the use of regular-sized washing machines, it reduces the user's carbon footprint by approximately 5 pounds weekly

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Apr 29, 2015· That’s when the Drumi will come in handy Made by Yurego, it’s a portable, manually-operated washing machine that measures 22 x 15 inches (height x diameter), with a large handle on top for carrying comfortably

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Mar 14, 2016· Drumi is the perfect people-powered washing machine for those who live in a remote area, for students, off-grids or for those who prefer to use their foot to power the machine than to pay high bills for electricity It is only 22 inches tall and it’s a manually-powered washing machine for small amounts of laundry, just around 2,26 kg

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Drumi claims to be a “new way to do laundry” It uses only a small amount of water in a unique, futuristic-looking, foot-powered washing machine Find out how the Drumi works today in our review What is the Drumi? The Drumi is a sustainable washing machine created by a Canadian company named Yirego

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Apr 12, 2018· Drumi foot-powered washing mac, Aimed at off-grid tiny home dwellers, campers and city folk looking to reduce their environmental impact, and their utility bills, the Drumi originally went up .

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The Drumi washing machine is ideal for washing small loads quickly and easily, and with less water than a traditional washing machine Drumi is the world’s first foot-powered washing machine You can wash your clothes in just minutes, and with a fraction of the water The compact size lets you take it anywhere—it can fit in your motorhome .

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May 30, 2015· The washing machine also uses 80% less water and detergent than the average machine and washes the clothes with quick cycles, while allowing for simultaneous bathing and washing of cloth Its efficiency in terms of time and space don’t stop there; it is made of recycled material, which makes it eco-friendly and resource-efficient

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Nov 09, 2015· Introducing Drumi, a small, portable foot-powered washing machine that is both good for you and the environment Drumi produce zero emission and use very little water (2017 Edison Award for Water .

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Have you ever washed clothes? Though a weird question to ask, trust me, it is essential Well, if you have, then you might have experienced the amount of water consumed in washing cloth Whether you go for a washing machine or hand washing, a lot of water gets consumed and wasted respectively Apart from the ,

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The Yirego Drumi is a compact foot-pedal-powered washing machine Requiring no electricity, it's designed for use by students, cabin-goers, car-campers or anyone else without ready access to powered washing faciliti

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Amazon's Choice for drumi foot powered washing machine Avalon Bay Ecowash Portable Hand Cranked Manual Clothes Non-Electric Washing Machine, Counter Top Washer for Camping, Apartments, RV’s, or Delicat 36 out of 5 stars 447 $4999 $ 49 99 $7999 $ ,

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The Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine that does not require electricity It is an eco-friendly way to reduce the use of standard-size washing machin How much can the Drumi hold? The Drumi can hold up to 5 pounds (225 kg) of clothing This measures to approximately 5-7 personal items (t-shirts, undergarments, etc)

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Sep 05, 2019· Home » Laundry » 12 Best Yirego Drumi Washing Machine 12 Best Yirego Drumi Washing Machine Last updated by April Crawford on Sep 5, 2019 # Preview Product Rating; 1: Lavario Portable Clothes Portable Lavario Portable Clothes Washer (manual Non-electric Portable Washing Machine For Camping, Apartments, Rv's, Delicates)

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Drumi is a foot powered washing machine engineered to keeps you clean wherever you live Whether you want to quickly wash your gym clothes or hand towels without doing an entire load, clean your delicate items without worrying about damage, avoiding the laundromat, or trying to reduce your carbon footprint, Drumi can do it all— quickly and efficiently—while helping you to squeeze in a .

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Apr 29, 2015· The Drumi is a portable foot-powered washing machine that needs no source of electricity and can washing and spin dry clothes in five minutes Yirego ,

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The Drumi, from Yirego, is a foot-powered washing machine that requires no electricity and only 10 liters of water per wash