Risks and threats

The companies that cannot restart their activity in 10 days after a natural disaster have minimal chances to survive more than a year after the incident ( according to Strategic Research Institute).

60% of companies which lose their data, they cease their activity 6 months after the incident( National Archives and Records Administration in Washington).

6% of computer will suffer data lose in a form or another during a year. The data can be affected even in the case of companies which do not suffer a major disaster, the causes being multiple, from viruses or hardware malfunction to human errors or errors in computer systems (The Cost Of Lost Data, David M. Smith).

20 % of small and medium companies will lose critical data in within 5 years (Richmond House Group).

Within the companies who have a backup system in place, 34 % have never tested their back-up and 77 % of companies which have tested their back-up system have found errors or malfunction ( Storage Magazine).

22 % of HDD becomes defective within 4 years( Cd-s and USB stick also have a limited period of functionality.


The backup solution we provide creates duplication of data by creating an identical replica of servers and PCs.
The solution allows data recovery if they are corrupted, accidentally deleted, or become unavailable for various other reasons.
Technical specifications

º AES-256 encryption
º Average backup time 3 min

º Automatic programmable intervals
º Average restore time 1h

º Incremental Back-up
º Technology: Block-Level Backup

º Automatic verification of data integrity
º Can be implemented On-Site as well as in the Cloud

º Alerts in case of errors