Monitoring of data networks resources:
  • Identify existing congestion
  • Upgrade proposal and IT infrastructure optimization solutions

Existing network documentation
  • Inventory of IT systems
  • Create a network diagram
  • Labeling network cables and implementing a standard to identify each fast cable which offers scalability at the same time

Network equipment management: routers, switches, firewalls, IDSs, etc.

Implementing, managing and monitoring typical data network services: DNS, DHCP, data routing, traffic shaping, etc.

Design, execution and upgrading of company data networks

Wireless Network
  • Install a secure and stable wireless network
  • Set up a wireless network dedicated to visitors without the use of additional equipment
  • Implement a solution that automatically migrates users to the wireless device with the best signal
  • The number of users is scalable, and the wireless network can be used by hundreds of users simultaneously

Back up and optimization
  • Installing and configuring a backup Internet connection, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted access to the Internet
  • Designing, upgrading and configuring the network to eliminate so-called "single points of failure" and to ensure network operation even if one of the equipment becomes inoperable
  • Performing backups of configurations by network equipment, so the network will be safe in the event that one or more equipment fails
  • Updating the firmware (operating system) of network equipment, ensuring in this way the security and optimal operation of the network