Active Directory Domain Services



Allow the users to use the same set of credentials to access the majority of the services available in the network.
It is safer than other similar services( Logon Autehntification).
Simple administration of identity, because you can visualize all the information about users.
It is easy to configured, manage and has a high scalability.


In the next lines it is presented an example of the way Active Directory can transform the IT infrastructure into a safer one.

Imagine a network with 25 users, each one of them having access, on average at 7 services.

The result will be a total of 25x7=175 credentials set( username and password), and in order to insure the network with a comfortable level of security, all these credentials will be handled in a way to follow a high level of complexity and will have to be changed with a regular frequency.

In practice, in this type of network, most of the users will involuntary undermine the network security by choosing simple credentials, by using the same password for years and years, by writing the passwords on stickers and keeping them at visible sight.

Another situation that occurs frequently is when the users forgot the credentials and they have to ask for assistance from the network administrator, who spends his time in a nonproductive way, changing the passwords of the users.

Active directory allows the central management of the passwords and the use of LDAP technology.
LPAP is a login method accepted by the majority of IT systems, allowing the implementation of complex and safe security policies, avoiding the unpleasant situations described above.